Canadian Repertoire 

This list of works by Canadian composers has been selected from suggestions from members of both the Royal Canadian College of Organists (RCCO) and the Amis de l'orgue. This is by no means an exhaustive list but rather an attempt to represent various schools and periods. It is also a great occasion to become familiar with the work of the Canadian Music Center (Ontario; Québec). 

The candidate who plays a work by a Canadian composer can win the Royal Canadian College of Organists $5,000 prize for best interpretation of a Canadian composition performed during the semi-final or final round. 

Several of the scores selected are on deposit there and are readily available on loan or for purchase.

Bédard, Denis

Toccata from Suite pour orgue, CH 14 [6'20”]
Rhapsodie sur le nom de Lavoie, CH 16 [7'30”]
Published by Cheldar

Burge, John

Dance [6'00]
- Published by Jaymar Publications (taken over by Berandol)
Disponible au Centre de musique canadienne

Cabena, Barrie

Aspects of the Sea (Sonata XX), op. 174
Chaconne [5’15”]
Toccata [3’50”]
Sonata Festiva (Sonata VII), op. 42
Intermezzo [5'15”]
Rondo [4'15”]
Variants – in memoriam John Cook, Opus 138 [7'20”]
E.C. Schirmer Publications

Sonata Giojoso, Opus 84 [9'00]
Published by Waterloo Music

Daveluy, Raymond

3rd Sonata : Chaconne, 2nd Movement [7'20”]
5th Sonata : Scherzo, 2nd Movement [7'20”]
5th Sonata : Final, 4th Movement [7'00]
4th Sonata : Fantasy, 1st Movement [12'00]
4th Sonata : Fugue, 3rd Movement [11'00]
Epilogue on "Nun Danket" and "Ballerma" (circa 6'30)
6th Sonata : Toccata 4th Movement [10'00]

Gagnon, Alain

Pastourelle [8'00]
Published by Ostiguy (c/o Lucarel)

Henderson, Ruth Watson

Chromatic Partita [8'00]
Published by Randall M. Egan

Toccata on “Westminster Abbey” (circa 1’45”)
Meditation on “Herzliebster Jesu” (circa 2’)
Variations for Organ on “Ode to Newfoundland” (circa 6’30”)
Festive Variations for Organ (circa 6’)
Published by the Centre de musique canadienne

Toccata and Fugue in E minor for Organ (3’30”)
Celebration: Fanfare for Organ (circa 3’15”) – Winner of the AFNOM competition 2009.
Published by RCCO/CRCO

Kloppers, Jacobus

Dialectic Fantasy [9'00]
Celtic Impressions, Mvt I: Two Strathspeys (circa 11 min.)
Triptych on Vaughan-Williams Hymn Tunes (circa 10’45”)
Partita (Chorale and 3 Variations) on In Dulci Jubilo (circa 7 min.)
Available at Canadian Music Centre


Laurin, Rachel

Prelude and Fugue in F minor, op.45 [9'00]  
Published by Fred Bock

Étude-Caprice "Le Rire de Belzébuth", op. 66 [7'30]
Étude Héroïque, op.38 [8'30]
Introduction et Passacaille, op. 44 [11'00]
Toccata, de la Symphonie n° 1, op. 36 [8'20]
Scherzo, de la Symphonie n° 1 , op. 36 [7'15]
Chaconne et Fugue n°3, op. 31 [12'00]
Épilogue, op. 50 [6'30]

Étude Symphonique, Op.72 (pédale solo) Variations on "That good old Baylor Line" (length depending on the chosen variations) 
Published by Wayne Leupold


Mather, Bruce

Études 1 à 8 (candidates may choose from 1 to 8, but must select two contrasting movements.) Canadian Music Centre

Cinq pieces pour l’orgue de membre (Any of the 5 pieces)
Éditions Delatour


Willan, Healey*

Introduction, Passacaglia et Fugue [20'00]
Published by Oxford University Press

Passacaglia and Fugue no. 2 en mi mineur [13'00]
Published by Peeters

NB: These two works of Willan are now considered to be in the mainstream of concert organists. However, due to their length, they would require careful consideration for programme building for either Round 2 or Round 3.