The Organ Takes its Place

Over the past six years, the Canadian International Organ Competition (CIOC) has established itself as a successful, credible, creative arts organization with an international presence in the classical music world. It has developed a systematic method for conceiving, organizing and presenting organ concerts, with thousands of spectators attending our events. 

Building on this success and as part of our ongoing mission to increase public awareness and interest for great music, we wish to establish an annual series of organ recitals, concerts and affiliated cultural events across the country, in partnership with other organizations in local communities. The primary aims of the endeavour are as follows:

  • Bring high quality classical music at an affordable cost by using local instruments with a unique, highly stimulating presentation formula in communities and neighbourhoods where there is a need;
  • Collaborate with local partner to enhance their programming and share our strengths;
  • Establish perennial opportunities in Canada for the winners of our competitions to perform in public;
  • Give renewed purpose and life to underutilized heritage buildings and instruments in communities across the country;
  • Create a link to the local community by donating the proceeds of ticket sales for the maintenance and preservation of the local pipe organs.


The Organ takes its Place is unique in that it pairs talented, young artists that we identify through our competitions, with instruments and heritage venues that already exist in communities across the country. We will utilize these resources, which will allow us to present our concerts at a reasonable cost, and at the same time help to instil civic pride by allowing citizens to appreciate local cultural heritage that they may not otherwise experience. Most pipe organs are housed in churches, and as congregations shrink and demographics change, these instruments, which are multifaceted works of art, often risk falling to dilapidation. Our project will ensure a new vocation so that these instruments can live on for the enjoyment of future generations. To help create a strong link with the local community we plan to donate part of the of ticket sale proceeds for the upkeep of the instruments that we use. In addition to offering support to a worthy cause, we believe that this will also help us to generate interest from within the local community.


The CIOC Winning Formula 

  • Identify and engage talented young musicians for our projects; the best in the world.
  • Rely on the creative talent of our team to develop unique, diverse and interesting programming adapted to the local audience.
  • Use of large projection screens and live video so the audience can witness and appreciate the fascinating and virtuosic aspects of the performance.
  • Prepare the venue, program and promotional material in a professional, systematic manner to ensure consistency in the audience experience and set a high standard for the presentation and experience of live classical music in a refined ambiance.
  • Organize receptions and the opportunity for members of the public to interact with the artist, which leads to a more personal experience for the audience and helps generate sustainable interest in the art form.
  • By using the CIOC brand name with local partners that fosters wider recognition and stimulates interest, assures quality, and adds an element of prestige.
  • Provide our budget-planning and production templates to local partners. 
  • Include educational outreach activities.


The Organ Takes its Place performances to date :

Granby (QC)  Halifax (NS)  Lunenburg (NS)  Amherst (NS)  Sainte-Clotilde-de-Horton (QC)  Saint-Pascal-de-Kamouaska (QC)  Rimouski (QC)
Longueuil (QC)